Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session:

Click on the “Contact Me” tab, fill out the form and hit the “Submit” button.


What happens after I’ve paid the 50% session deposit:

As soon as we’ve received your proof of payment at, we will email you to confirm your session and give you a provisional session date(the exact session date will depend on baby’s arrival). You will also receive the newborn session preparation info. However, please note that we only reply to emails during office hours.


When will we schedule the exact date of our session:

Contact us as soon as your baby arrives so that we can schedule your session.


What if my baby arrives earlier or later?

Please contact us as soon as your baby arrives! If baby arrives very early, I prefer to wait a bit before we do the session.


Are you available on weekends or afternoons?

No, all newborn sessions take place in my studio during weekdays, starting at 9:30am. Babies do well during morning sessions, but tend to be more fussy in the afternoon. 


What do we wear?

Upon booking your session you will receive the newborn session preparation info which will give you guidance about what to wear for your session. I photograph babies in an all neutral setup so I suggest neutrals to fit in with the style of your baby’s images.


What is the new 2018 “For the Love of Neutrals” session:

This is a simplistic, neutral style which will make your gorgeous baby the focus of every image! I will use my signature white, beige and cream backdrops and accessories. I will also focus on capturing the wonderful connection between a newborn baby and his/her parents and siblings!

*Take note: no props(buckets, baskets, etc) will be used in these sessions, only fabric backdrops. 


What should we bring?

I provide all backdrops, wraps and accessories for your baby.


How long does a session last?

Approximately 1,5 to 2 hours.


Do you take maternity photos?

No, but I have a list of amazing photographers that I can mail to you!


Do you take family photos?

No, not anymore.


Why don’t you take family photos anymore?

Photographing and editing family sessions, studio sessions, newborns etc, takes up a lot of time, therefore I decided to focus just on my one photography passion, newborns, in order to be able to spend more time with my own children.





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